The Complete 1st Season

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The Complete 1st Season
Season 1 DVD Artwork.jpg
Release date April 17, 2012
Season 1
Number of discs 2
Number of episodes 13
Running time 286 minutes
Studio 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Classification Unknown
Next boxset The Complete 2nd Season

The Complete 1st Season is a DVD boxset of the first season of Bob's Burgers. It was released on April 17, 2012.


Disc 1[edit]

Disc 2[edit]

Other features[edit]

  • Bob's Burgers Audio Outtakes - Stars H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal and the rest of the gang go off script and fill you up with hilarious uncensored dialogue! ("Bed and Breakfast" and "Sexy Dance Fighting" - Disc 1)
  • Louise and the Burger Menu/Louise and the Chalkboard (Story Extension) - Very funny piece about how Louise names the "burger of the day" with custom animation and voice over (Kristen Schaal) (Disc 2)
  • Bob's Burgers Original Demo with Intro by Loren Bouchard - This is the "studio pitch piece" and Loren's explanation on the process and changes of the characters and casting (Disc 2)
  • Lifting up the skirt of the Night - Music video inspired by an original song from the series (Disc 1)
  • Audio Commentaries for Every Episode
  • SUBTITLES: English, French, Spanish

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