Crawl Space

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Crawl Space
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Crawl Space
Episode number 2
Original airdate January 16, 2011
Production code 1ASA02
Guest stars Renée Taylor as Gloria
Written by Loren Bouchard
Jim Dauterive
Directed by Kyounghee Lim

"Crawl Space" is the second episode of Season 1.


Bob is pressed by Linda to fix a leak in the attic before her parents visit, and he finds a crawl space between the walls. Bob can't stand the grumbling noise that Linda's mother Gloria makes, so he pretends to be stuck in the wall for a few days. Trouble ensues when Bob learns he is really stuck, and when Linda finds out, she leaves him there. Meanwhile at school, Gene hands in his history report late, Tina sneaks into the boys locker room and Louise tricks the school counselor into believing that Bob is dead, which leads the three into a home visit.


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Cultural references[edit]

  • When Bob is in between the wall, he asks if his father can any lions, witches or wardrobe. This confuses Bob, to which Gene replies that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a book.
  • Bob calls Gayle "Nagatha Christie", a reference to Agatha Christie.
  • Bob's crazy rants on video tape and the speakeasy are a reference to the film, 127 Hours.
  • Gayle breaking through the wall and saying "Here's Bobby!" is a reference to the scene in The Shining in which Jack breaks through a door with an axe.
  • Bob, thinking up names for Linda, thinks of Naggedy Ann, a reference to Raggedy Ann.


  • The color of Tina's clip in her hairs changes color from yellow to white and back again continuously throughout the episode.