Weekend at Mort's

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Weekend at Mort's

Weekend at Mort's
Weekend at Mort's promo 2.jpg
Episode number 11
Original airdate May 8, 2011
Production code 1ASA11
Guest stars Jay Johnston as Jimmy Pesto
Andy Kindler as Mort
Amy Sedaris as Samantha
Sam Seder as Hugo Habercore
Written by Scott Jacobson
Directed by Anthony Chun

"Weekend at Mort's" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Bob's Burgers.


Bob and his family are forced to spend the weekend at Mort the Mortician's (guest voice Kindler) while the restaurant is being de-molded. Linda and Bob double date with Mort and a female mortician he meets online (guest voice Sedaris) while Tina babysits Gene and Louise in Mort’s crematorium.


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