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Throughout the short history of Bob's Burgers, many ideas for episodes have gone unproduced.


  • Tina, Gene and Louise are sent to a "Scared Straight" program at the local prison and wind up incarcerated. Bob and Linda disagree on which kind of lettuce is best.[1]
  • Linda gets a permanent perm.[1]
  • Bob, Mort and Teddy start their own fight club as a response to society’s declining respect for masculinity. Meanwhile, Gene discovers he is lactose intolerant.[1]
  • Bob can't sleep so he gets up and drinks some hot tea and he actually falls asleep pretty easy. Meanwhile, Tina sleeps just fine.[1]
  • Surrounded by crocodiles, Bob and Linda must defend their family while keeping the business afloat. Gene gets a belly button ring at the mall.[1]
  • Louise grows three feet only to shrink four feet and then grow one more foot to go back to normal. This episode is one shot and takes place in a doctor’s office in front of a growth chart. The rest of the family does a sleep study so they can be asleep the whole time and we don’t have to worry about them.[1]
  • The Belchers take in a stray dog that may or may not be responsible for a rising number of mysterious mauling instances around the neighborhood. Mr. Fischoeder learns to play the guitar.[1]
  • Gene becomes a dog that can talk, and you won’t believe the things he says. Bob can’t decide where to hang a picture.[1]
  • Burgers are outlawed and Bob is forced to start selling slap bracelets.[1]
  • Bob has to pretend to know how to swim after joining the army, only to reveal he knew how to swim the whole time and that he’s been working for the Russians! The Cold War is back on and it’s hotter than ever![1]
  • A parody of the film, SpaceCamp.[1]