Tina Belcher

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Tina Belcher
Tina Belcher.png
Gender Female
Age 13[note 1]
Hair color Black
Occupation Student
Grill cook
Family Bob Belcher (father)
Linda Belcher (mother)
Gene Belcher (brother)
Louise Belcher (sister)
Gloria (grandmother)
Al (grandfather)
Gayle (aunt)
First appearance "Human Flesh"
Voiced by Dan Mintz

Tina Belcher is the daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher, and the sister of Gene and Louise. She is thought to be autistic by her siblings, but her father tells her that she isn't.


Tina helps her father at his restaurant, Bob's Burgers, by working on the grill. She also attends Wagstaff School.



  1. Her 13th party is held in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?".