Season 2

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Season 2
Original run March 11 – May 20, 2012
Number of episodes 22
Previous season Season 1
Next season Season 3

The second season of Bob's Burgers premiered on March 11, 2012 and concluded on May 20, 2012. The season consisted of 9 episodes. It was released in a boxset, The Complete 2nd Season.

List of episodes[edit]

Picture # Name Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
The Belchies promo 7.jpg 14-1 "The Belchies" March 11, 2012 Boohwan Lim
Kyounghee Lim
John Schroeder 2ASA01
The kids hunt for treasure in an abandoned taffy factory and Bob and Linda must find them before the factory’s scheduled demolition.
Bob Day Afternoon promotional picture 7.png 15-2 "Bob Day Afternoon" March 18, 2012 Wes Archer Dan Fybel
Rich Rinaldi
When Bob goes on a delivery, he gets caught in the middle of a hostage situation.
Synchronized Swimming promotional picture 3.png 16-3 "Synchronized Swimming" March 25, 2012 Anthony Chun Holly Schlesinger 2ASA03
The kids find a way to escape gym class by doing a study of synchronized swimming. Meanwhile, Bob welcomes a new ice cream machine into the restaurant.
17-4 "Burgerboss" April 1, 2012 Jennifer Coyle Scott Jacobson 2ASA04
After Jimmy Pesto gets the high score in an old-school burger-flipping video game and writes "BOB SUX" on the leaderboard, Bob becomes addicted to the game when he tries to erase his name by playing day and night.
18-5 "Food Truckin'" April 15, 2012 Bernard Derriman Lizzie Molyneux
Wendy Molyneux
19-6 "Dr. Yap" April 29, 2012 Anthony Chun Steven Davis
Kelvin Yu
20-7 "Moody Foodie" May 6, 2012 TBA TBA 2ASA06
The reastaurant gets a bad review from harsh food critic, Moody Foodie.
Bad Tina promotional picture 1.png 21-8 "Bad Tina" May 13, 2012 TBA TBA 2ASA10
Tina starts hanging out with bad girl Tammy to get closer to Jimmy, Jr., but gets detention on the night she is supposed to babysit her siblings while her parents go out. Meanwhile, Bob becomes a big fan of the hit show, Cake.
22-9 "Beefsquatch" May 20, 2012 TBA TBA 2ASA09


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