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You may have been looking for the event in Wagstaff.
Weekend at Mort's

Lobsterfest promo 6.jpg
Episode number 12
Original airdate May 15, 2011
Production code 1ASA13
Guest stars David Herman as Mr. Frond
Andy Kindler as Mort
Ron Lynch as Ron
Jerry Minor as Officer Julia
Larry Murphy as Teddy
Sam Seder as Hugo Habercore and Officer Cliffany
Written by Aron Abrams
Greg Thompson
Directed by Boohwan Lim

"Lobsterfest" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Bob's Burgers.


After the town’s annual Lobsterfest is cancelled by a storm, Bob defiantly opens his doors for a festive celebration. When he wakes the next morning, Bob finds the restaurant in disarray and that the town has spurned him, but Bob won’t let that deter him from further involvement in the celebratory weekend.


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