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Below is a list of known Burgers of the Day at Bob's Burgers.

Season 1[edit]

Episode Image Name Comes with
"Human Flesh" Burger of the Day - New Bacon-ings.png New Bacon-ings Bacon
Burger of the Day - The Child Molester.png The Child Molester Candy
"Crawl Space" Never Been Feta
Foot Feta-ish Burger
"Sacred Cow" Mission A-Corn-Plished Corn salsa
Rest in Peas Burger
"Sexy Dance Fighting" Fig-eta Bout It Burger
Chevre Which Way But Loose Burger
The Roquefort Files Burger
These Collards Don't Run Burger
"Hamburger Dinner Theater" Totally Radish Burger Radish
Onion Burger, Grilled... To Death! Onions
Last of the Mo-Jicama Jicama
"Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" Olive and Let Die Burger
Thank God It's Fried Egg Burger
Happy Burger-thday, Tina!
"Bed & Breakfast" Camembert-ly Legal Burger
Krauted House Burger
"Art Crawl" Poblano Picasso Burger
Salvador Cauliflower Burger
"Spaghetti Western and Meatballs" Shoot Out at the Okra-Corral Burger
"Burger Wars" Hit Me With Your Best Shallot Burger
The Sound and the Curry Burger
"Weekend at Mort's" I've Created A Münster Burger
"Lobsterfest" Something's NOT Fishy Burger
Neither Fish Nor Fowl Burger
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Hamburger
"Torpedo" Take Me Out To The Burger Peanuts and crackerjacks

Season 2[edit]

Episode Image Name Comes with
"The Belchies" I Am Mad About Saffron Burger
"Bob Day Afternoon" Chard To A Crisp Burger Swiss chard
"Synchronized Swimming" Shake Your Honeymaker Burger Honey mustard
The One Yam Band Burger Yams
"Burgerboss" Papaya Was A Rolling Stone Burger
Good Night and Good Leek Burger
"Food Truckin'" Chorizo Your Own Adventure Burger
"Dr. Yap" It’s Fun to Eat at the rYeMCA Burger Mustard, cheese and avocado
"Moody Foodie" If Looks Could Kale
Little Swiss Bunshine Burger
The Final Kraut Down Burger Sauerkraut
"Bad Tina" Sit and Spinach Burger
Sweaty Palms Burger Hearts of palm
"Beefsquatch" Burger of the Day - Poutine - On The Ritz Burger.png Poutine - On The Ritz Burger Poutine fries
Burger of the Day - Mesclun Around Burger.png Mesclun Around Burger
Burger of the Day - The Don’t Get Creme Fraiche With Me Burger.png The Don’t Get Creme Fraiche With Me Burger
Onion-Tended Consequences Burger Caramelized Onions, Fresh Thyme, Goat Cheese
Bruscetta-bout it Burger Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Oil and Vinegar
Mediterra-Misbehavin' Burger Feta, Eggplant
I'm Gonna Get You Sucka-tash Burger Tomatoes, Habaneros
Every Breath You Tikka Masala Burger Coconut Milk, Curry Paste

Season 3[edit]

Episode Image Name Comes with
"Bob Fires the Kids" We're Gruyère, Get Used to It Burger